1. About iriver plus 4

2. iriver plus 4 System Specifications /
     List of Devices Supported

3. iriver plus 4 Installation

4. iriver plus 4 Execution

5. Screen Description

6. Media File Management

7. File Search

8. Media File Play

9. Playlist

10. Equalizer

11. CD Ripping

12. Music Info Search

13. Portable Device Management/ File Transfer
1. About iriver plus 4  

* iriver plus 4 is the media manager optimized for iriver mp3, mp4, pmp and e-dictionary. It is used for playing and managing various media files such as music, photo, video and text and also transferring them to iriver portable devices.

* You can manage iriver portable devices using iriver plus 4. When mp3, mp4, pmp or e-dictionary is connected, the latest firmware will be searched and updated automatically.

* You can enjoy diverse contents, for free or for fee, provided by the iriver plus 4 content shopping malls like Bugs, Sandol Font Shop and Podics. The contents purchased here can be accessed from PC or iriver portable devices.

2. iriver plus 4 System Specifications / List of Devices Supported  

* iriver plus 4 system specifications: The recommended system specifications for iriver plus 4 installation are as follows:

- CPU: Pentium 4 (1Ghz or above)
- RAM: 512MB or above
- OS: Windows XP (or Vista)

* The devices supported by iriver plus 4 are as follows (as of 11/09)
- E50
- E100
- E150
- B30
- P7
- P35
- D100
- More devices will be supported soon.

3. iriver plus 4 Installation  

* Double-click the installer file downloaded and install iriver plus 4 following the instructions of installer screen.

4. iriver plus 4 Execution  

* Click [start] in the menu. Select [iriver > iriver plus 4 > iriver plus 4] for execution.

* Upon the initial execution of iriver plus 4, the media files stored in hard disk will automatically be scanned and loaded to library. User may skip this step and load the media files manually later on.


* Other updaters don't have to be applied because iriver plus 4 checks and performs updates automatically upon execution.

5. Screen Description  


1) Menu

2) Player
- Media file play & pause, status indication, shuffle/repeat option, volume control

3) Tab
- Media tabs such as View All Lists/ Music/ Video/ Photos/ e-Book, etc
- Service tabs accessible to the services like Bugs Music, Podics, Sandol Font Shop
- RSS reader tab
- E-dictionary tab
- File transfer tab
- CD tab

4) Library Area
- Indicates how to explore media library. Select an option out of Folder Tree, DB, or Tag Cloud.

5) Playlist

6) Contens Area

6. Media File Management  

* Click a tab at the top of iriver plus 4 such as [Music], [Video], [Photo], [Text] etc, and its corresponding media library will be displayed. If you click [View All Lists], all types of media files will be listed up at a time.

* Media library can be explored from the folder tree structure of user PC. Or, in case of music or photo files, it can be explored from either DB or tag cloud. To change the exploration mode, click the Folder Tree/ DB/ Tag Cloud icons in the library area on the left side of the window.


* Library Area

- Options: 1) Folder Tree 2) DB 3) Tag Cloud

- Basically, media files are displayed in the playlist view. Music, video and photo files, however, can be sorted in the thumbnail view (Album Arts).

- Media files can be loaded and managed as playlist.

- Media files can be selected and deleted from library. Note: The selected files will be deleted from library only. The original files won't be deleted.

7. File Search  

* To search files, enter search words in the search window. If a media tab such as music, video, photo and text was already selected, the file search results will be retrieved as soon as the search words are entered.

* However in case of service tab, the search results will be retrieved only after search words are entered and the [search] or [return] key is clicked.

8. Media File Play  

* Double-click a file or click the [Play] button in controller, and the selected file will be played. The play will be stopped by clicking [Pause].


* If you select [Special View] in the music tab, all the music album arts currently loaded to library will be displayed in the full screen mode. Here you can enjoy the album arts slowly floating around the screen while listening to music.

* In case of video or photo files, you can click the full screen view button to enjoy them in full screen.

* Select [Tool>Environment Settings>Video Play] to change the subtitle settings etc for video play.

9. Playlist  

* Playlist can be created and managed in the playlist area at the bottom left. You can create your own playlist by adding music, video, photo or text files to the play list.

* The playlist created this way can be transferred to devices.

10. Equalizer  


* Equalizer Screen

- Select [Tool>Equalizer] to open the equalizer window. You can enjoy diverse tones by adjusting the equalizer settings.
- Equalizer settings can be adjusted only for music, not for video.

11. CD Ripping  

* iriver plus 4 supports converting music CD to digital music files. Insert CD, select the [CD] tab, select the ripping option, and click [Start Ripping]. Upon ripping, music information will be automatically retrieved and album title, music title and artist name will be inserted into the ID3 tag.

* The settings like save folder, save file format (WMA/OGG/FLAC) and bit rate can be changed in [Tool>Environment Settings>CD Ripping].

12. Music Information Search  

* For music files like mp3 or wma, album title, music title and artist name can be inserted using the ID3 tag. If the input of ID3 tag is incorrect, it will be very difficult to find out and correct it.

* iriver plus 4 supports very advanced music info search functions. If you select a music file, right-click your mouse and run [Search by Song], the information on the selected music will be automatically retrieved by accessing AMG CDDB (CD info database). If multiple results are searched, select and save the most accurate one.


* If you select multiple music files and run [Search by Album], the search results will be displayed by automatically grouping music files under the same album.

13. Portable Device Management / File Transfer  

* By connecting iriver portable device to iriver plus 4, the device can be managed and various media files can be transferred at the same time. The portable devices supported are as follows:

* If you connect a portable device and select the USB connection, iriver plus 4 will open the portable device window. Here you can manage the files stored in the portable device.

* You can select media files from the main window of iriver plus 4 and use drag & drop to send them to the portable device window.

* Also, you can check media files from the main window of iriver plus 4 and click [Transfer] at the bottom of the window to send them. If you select the [Auto Transfer] checkbox, every time the mobile device is connected, the media files checked and those in the portable device will be compared and synchronized automatically.

* Video and photo file transfer will be optimized for the screen resolution of each device. Of course, the original files are retained without damage.

* When a device is connected, you will be asked whether to update the latest firmware if available. Once the device is connected, the device information will be displayed in the info window at the bottom. If you right-click the device icon, the device management menu will be presented. Here you can select actions like firmware update or radio channel change, etc.

* If you select [e-dictionary Manager] as e-dictionary connection mode and connect to PC, then iriver plus 4 will activate the [e-dictionary] tab. You can do firmware update for e-dictionary or data backup etc in the tab.